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Lorna Russell:  l think that ‘Your Corporate Hippie’ is the perfect pseudonym for me!  From a young age I had an affinity with helping people and being conscious of helping to protect our earth, and if you all remember the TV show, ‘Captain Planet’, that was the nickname my friends and family bestowed on me.

After many years of working in a Corporate Environment and running our family owned eco friendly decorating company, there were times when I felt so burned out!, During these times I turned to self help books/guru’s and natural therapies, but it wasn’t until I discovered Young Living Essential Oils in 2009, that I knew my life was going to change forever.   

Over the last 12 years during times of high stress, I have turned to my oils, and I have never ceased to be amazed by the support that the oils gave to my body, mind and soul. 

When I reflect on my time in the corporate world I can see that “the business model” can be damaging to our health and wellbeing, and it was that experience that inspired me to create Your Corporate Hippie. 

I truly believe that we are here on this earth to have joy, care for others and live as naturally as possible.  I also believe It is so important to find the right balance between work and home life, as this can only create a healthier and holistic lifestyle which not only benefits you but also your family and friends.

So I would like to show you how you also can benefit from using key oils to get the best out of your day.. everyday..

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