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History of Essential Oils

Essential Oils aren’t just a new fad, they have been used since the beginning of time.

How Oils Are Made:

It takes a great deal of work to produce a tiny amount of essential oil!

  • 60,000 rose blossoms provide only 30ml of Rose oil – this is why it’s one of the most expensive and highly prized oils in the world
  • Lavender is more abundant, giving more oil from each plant – 100 kg will provide 3.2kg of oil
  • Jasmine flowers must be picked by hand before the sun becomes hot on the very first day they open and they can’t be squashed.  It takes 8 million hand-picked blossoms to produce 1 kg of oil
  • A sandalwood tree must be 30 years old and 9 m high before it can be cut down for distillation.  Young Living Sandalwood trees must be 90% dead before they are harvested.

But a little goes a long way.  Most oils are $15 to $40 a bottle.  A 5ml bottle contains about 90 drops, and a 15 ml bottle contains about 250 drops.  Each application is 1 – 3 drops, meaning even a small bottle will get you 45 to 90 applications.